Custom Pineapple Swimshorts

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The FaceShorts Custom Pineapple Swimshorts is 2021's hottest trend, which you might have seen on Social Media. 

How fun is it to have your head on swimshorts? Better still, to give swimshorts with your head to a friend as a gift? Hilarious, right?

The only thing you need to do, is select and upload the color and the best photo, and we'll do the rest!

Only the face of your subject will be included on the Shorts. Any special requests can be listed in the notes. 

Our team takes care of the editing and cutting of the photo, so that it ends up on the swimshorts in the highest quality possible. Uploading multiple pictures or group pictures is also possible. 

Your swimshorts will be designed personally by our designers and finished by our production team. There is only one pair of swimshorts with your photo on it, and you have it!